Posted on November 26, 2018


Perhaps more significant is the design of the box with its curved edges, making it easy to slip into a bag or briefcase for location work. In spite of its diminutive size the UAEX has a lot to offer. I found the UAEX to be very quiet, and have had no problems with unwanted noise. Be the first to review this item. Whether you’re recording rock musicians, solo or acoustic ensembles, voice overs for video production, or creating electronic music, the UAEX offers an ultra-compact form factor with excellent sound. Analog dynamics processing is built directly into the UAEX, which is an unusual bonus for an entry-level interface.

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The sales pitch draws our attention to how tough the unit is, but almost anything in a small metal box is going to be 25es tough.

For the most part, a good USB audio interface should be able to be set up and forgotten about, and this is exactly what I have been able to do with the 25sx. I found the UAEX to be very quiet, and have had no problems with unwanted noise.

Listen to extracts of all 12 tracks now.

I have no reason to dispute this claim and am very satisfied with the unit. The unit has a peak level LED, ia nothing to indicate a signal is present.

For example, changing the sample rate setting or the Advanced 25exx setting requires all software to be closed and the unit to be disconnected, and then reconnected again.


Uq users can take advantage of the included Cakewalk Production Plus Pack software the UAEX is fully compatible with Apple computers, however, the included software is not. For live recording using the limiter might be reassuring, knowing the signal is not going to clip, but in a digital recording studio current opinion seems to favour leaving compression and limiting to a later stage.

Turntables are making a comeback, with 25exx on the market to choose from. I strongly recommend reading the manual before actually using the unit as there are some important setting up and operating procedures. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

The software bundle includes SONAR LE a powerful audio recording and sequencing workstationDimension LE a software instrument with over soundsand Project5 LE virtual instrument host, audio recorder, and drum programming software. Both the front and rear panels are 25ed with controls, indicators and sockets.

With the advanced driver off, the sample rate is set at Items added to the site in See May News for details. This month there is a further update uq the article Choosing a Turntable 2 – Road to Regawith more news on the hum problem.

This month’s article, Choosing a Turntablecan helps you make the right choice. A relaxing Smooth Jazz CD.

Roland Uaex USB & Midi Audio Interface Capture 24bit/96khz | eBay

See any errors on this page? The small size of the UAEX prohibits anything but a very basic signal level display. 25sx features two XLR inputs with preamps and phantom power for professional microphones, and a button that allows you to plug in guitars for direct uz.


Perhaps ja significant is the design of the box with its curved edges, making it easy to slip into a bag or briefcase for location work. Worth mentioning is the clear and concise operating manual, supplied in pdf format.

The headphone output level is adequate, but would benefit from a little more power, especially when driving ohm headphones. The latency is low, and I can 25ez playing soft synths without any perceptible delay.

This month I have replaced four pages in Japanese that were left out after the site renewal at the end of The analog limiter helps to control spikes in volume and reduce clipping and digital distortion, and the analog compressor can enhance your tracks with its adjustable threshold and variable attack settings.

Roland Ua-25ex USB & Midi Audio Interface Capture 24bit/96khz

Write a review xqeztrvwweuzaaurqcc. This is a pity as it is reassuring to know when a signal is reaching a device, and helpful in diagnosing problems if no sound is heard. See June News for details. Four more pages in Japanese have been replaced this month.

No Longer Available Update Location close. I would like to affirm to the reader that I have no connection with Roland, and have received no payment or benefits from any source for writing this review.

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